A video of rapper DaBaby allegedly assaulting a hotel employee has surfaced online - but DaBaby says he had a good reason for pushing the staffer.

TMZ obtained the footage, which shows DaBaby leaving a Beverly Hills hotel as an employee, who was looking for an autograph from the rapper, followed him. The "Suge" rapper turned him down.

DaBaby is then seen pushing the employee into a chair and poking him roughly in the temple several times.

DaBaby hopped onto Instagram to say that he responded in such a way because his daughter was with him. He says that he was actually holding his 2-year-old daughter at the time while the employee was attempting to get footage of him, and feared for her safety as any post by the employee would alert the public to where he was staying.

In 2019, the rapper had several brushes with fans as well as law enforcement. Earlier this year, he was arrested and detained in Miami after he allegedly assaulted a concert promoter who shortchanged him.