Yesterday a woman named Britney Taylor filed a lawsuit against NFL star Antonio Brown, accusing him of rape.

According to Britney, Antonio sexually assaulted her twice, and subsequently raped her.

But Antonio denies all her claims, and asserts that the two had a consensual sexual relationship.

Well - new videos leaked on Twitter today, courtesy of Hollywood Unlocked. And the videos claim to show Antonio and a woman who resembles Britney handing out, and semi clothed in a bed together.

Here are the videos that have gone viral;

Antonio Brown has been embroiled in turmoil for the last couple of weeks. He was cut from the Oakland Raiders, after exhibiting what many are calling “bizarre” behavior.

Just hours after he was dropped by The Raiders, however, he was picked up by the New England Patriots.

It’s not clear whether he will play this season, given the serious allegations that Britney has made against him.