Alexis Sky is one of the most popular Instagram vixens around. The beautiful young model has gotten most of her body parts surgically enhanced.

And she's not just on Instagram. Alexis managed to land a spot on Love & Hip Hop Hollywood a few seasons back. While filming, she met and got pregnant by rapper Fetty Wap.

Well now someone found old video of Alexis, from before she got any parts of her body enhanced. As you'd expect, Alexis was still very pretty - but her body looked a lot more . . . REGULAR.

Here is video fo her twerking, back before she got any enhancements:

And in case you're wondering - this is what she looks like AFTER getting a full body makeover in the Dominican Republic:


People online have been criticizing Alexis' parenting skills basically since she had her baby but it came to a head recently...

Alexis Sky and Fetty Wap have a beautiful daughter Alaiya, that they are co-parenting. But a member of the Love & Hip Hop cast recently suggested that he - and not Fetty Wap - could be Alaiya's biological father.

The explosive revelation came from Solo Lucci - during the Love & Hip Hop reunion show that was filmed last week. According to multiple sources at the reunion show, K Michelle brought out the tea during filming o the VH1 reality show's reunion.

One witness told MTO News, "K Michelle told Lucci that Alexis' daughter looked like him, and Lucci was like 'that could be my baby."