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VIDEO LEAKED Showing The US SPECIAL FORCES . .. Being AMBUSHED By ISIS In Niger . . . They Fought TILL THE END!! (Warning – GRAPHIC)


Video just leaked – showing the helmet camera footage from the ambush in Niger back in October. During the ambush, two U.S. Special Forces soldiers and two support soldiers were killed.

Some are not happy with the video being uploaded, but several war veterans commented on the video, asking for it to be left up.

“Why are people demanding this video be taken down? This is war, this is what war looks like, people die in war, yes, even Americans, I am a Veteran and Americans need to see what war looks like. War is not pretty, these men who lost their lives defending our liberties are heroes, we need to stop being soft and afraid. Many other countries witness much worse than this video. I would like to thank my Brothers In Arms for their service to country and may they all RIP…”

“DON’T take this down. Everyone should see it.
And if every person saw the blood and gore of every war, Perhaps we’d grow tired of the fond of war. – infantry vet”

“As a veteran the video should stay up. This is a stark reminder to Joe public how dangerous our job is. If even 1000 millenianal hipsters can put down there phones to watch this video. Maybe they will grow some balls and respect for our country and the uniform.”

“As a Retired Combat Vet, being in two wars and various peace keeping missiom, my respects, but please do not post bideos as these. They create nightmares and worries for families of the past, present and future. God bless my brothers, RIP, and the families. “Thy brothers keeper” G”

As of this morning, the video has almost 900,000 views.