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Lauren London’s husband, rapper/activist Nipsey Hussle was murdered last night outside his South Central Los Angeles clothing store.

Police are still looking for Nipsey’s Killer, but are describing the suspect as a lone Black man.

Nipsey and Lauren were wed in July, in a private ceremony is Mexico. The couple kept details of their marriage private.

But when Nipsey was shot, Lauren rushed to the hospital to see him.

A fan managed to capture Lauren’s arrival at the hospital on Twitter.

Here is the video being shared on Twitter:

Nipsey was one of the most positive voices in hip hop. He worked tirelessly to stop gang violence, and uplift poor and disenfranchised people around the world.

Nipsey’s passing is a huge loss to this world. But it’s a particularity big loss to his wife Lauren, and his two children.

Lauren told GQ magazine earlier this year that their individual origin stories about how they began dating didn't match up.

"I did not slide into his DMs," she said. "My homeboy did...."

Though both agreed that it all started back in 2013 when London wanted to buy Nipsey's limited edition mixtape as a wrap present for her co-stars on the BET series "The Game."

It wasn't a cheap gift.

"The marketing for the mixtape was that we only made a thousand units and sold them for a hundred dollars apiece," Nipsey told GQ. "It was a scarcity model. Jay-Z bought a few copies, et cetera."

London got the mixtapes, started following Hussle on Instagram, he followed back and the rest became hip-hop history.

The pair have been known as one of the genre's more enduring love stories.

We'll continue to pray for Lauren and her children and Nipsey's entire family.