VIDEO: Gunman Tries To SHOOT Rapper Webbie . . . And Webbie WEAVES THE BULLET!! (Great Reflexes)

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New Orleans rapper Webbie was nearly killed while performing on stage Sunday night in Columbus, Ohio. According to the streets, one of Webbie's people (on stage with him) had some issues with local street goons.

And the goons tried to assassinate Webbie on stage. Luckily Webbie's WEAVE GAME IS STRONG - he managed to duck, and the bullet missed him.

Authorities say that three people were injured.

The reactions to the video were wild. While some applauded Webbie for his lightning-fast reflexes, other's clowned him for getting out of the bullet's way...

"Those reflexes are on steroids, lool."

"Tough niggas start ducking and turn into b*tches when shots fired"

"Aye man when u talk gangsta sh*t in ya raps u have to live that sh*t"

"Webbie ducked so damn fast 🤦🏿😂"

"All y'all niggas talking about he ducked ...!and he suppose to be tough the f*ck he suppose to do stand there and get shot and possible die ... this ain't scarface this real life stupid niggas"

"what they think he Superman people think these rap niggaz ain’t human"

"He dodged the Sh*t out that bullet😂😂😂😂"

We think he was smart to duck. Check out his cat-like reflexes below!