VIDEO: Comedian JB Smoove Gets SAVAGELY BOOED Off The Stage In Atlanta . . . How Embarrassing!!

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Comedian JB Smoove was BOOED off the stage in Atlanta - for telling TERRIBLE jokes.

The comedian was in the middle of his set, when the audience started booing. The audience reaction immediately rattled the comedian - and his jokes got worse.

52 year old, JB then started BEGGING the audience to laugh at his jokes. But it didn't work. The boos just got louder and louder, until he was forced off the stage.

Here's the video:

Smoove most recently starred in the HBO show Curb Your Enthusiasm, as character Leon Black. WDET radio station recently reported that ahead of his role in the HBO comedy, 

"He says his wife told him he was going to be on the show long before he was cast for the role. “One day I was watching the show in my living room and my wife was washing dishes and I said ‘I love this show so much,’” he recalls. “My wife told me, ’You’re going to be on that show one day.’" Two months later, Smoove went to Los Angeles for a one-day trip and ended up with the role of Leon Black. “I always say there’s a lot of Leon in JB but there’s no JB in Leon,” he says.

Back in the day, JB said that he, “ always loved to see people laugh, always loved to be the life of the party,” he explains. “l called myself the hallway clown in high school. Instead of a class clown, I was a hallway clown. I was a pretty quiet student in class, but in the hallway’s where I got my buddies laughing.”

Hopefully his next show will cause the audience to actually laugh.