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VIDEO: Cardi B Looked Like A DANG FOOL . . . PREGNANT TWERKING At Coachella!!


On Saturday night Beyonce SHUT DOWN Coachella - with the greatest performance EVER in the history of the show. Well yesterday, Bey was followed up — by upcoming artist, female rapper Cardi.

Cardi B told fans that she spent more than $450K for her Coachella performance. And people were anticipating an amazing show. She had strippers going HAM on poles above her as she performed in a all white suit and a Lisa LEFT EYE hairdo.

Well here's what it looked like:

As you can imagine, most people were NOT impressed . . .

Despite people not being impressed, Cardi brought out a BUNCH of guest acts including, Chance the Rapper, YG, Kehlani, and G-Eazy. Absent from her set was baby daddy, Offset of Migos.

Pregnant Cardi's belly was proudly displayed and she said to the crowd during her performance, “I’m running out of breath,” joked the rapper, 25, onstage at the annual California music festival. “You know my pregnant ass. I need some friends to help me out. Give it up for my friend G-Eazy.”

Cardi officially let her pregnancy out of the bag last week during a Saturday Night Live performance. Right after she released her debut album Invasion of Privacy. She told the Breakfast Club last week in an interview that she was planning to fly to California and rehearse non-stop for 12 plus hour days in preparation for Coachella.

Cardi will perform again next week for Coachella weekend two, and HOPEFULLY all of the kinks will be ironed out.