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VIDEO: Ashley From YOUNG & PREGNANT Fakes ABUSE . . . Beats Herself To Frame Baby Father!

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20 years old Ashley from the MTV hit show Young & Pregnant has some explaining to do. MTO News obtained a video where she appears to BEAT HERSELF UP - then try and FRAME her baby daddy for assault.

Ashley and her babys father Bariki “Bar” Smith have a 6 month old  daughter named Holly. The two have a very VOLATILE relationship, as has been shown on their MTV reality show.


But no one would have ever thought that it was so bad, that she would try and LIE to get him arrested. But that's what the below video appears to show.

MTO News obtained an exclusive video of the MTV reality star BEATING HERSELF in the face. And then, after her face appears to be red, and starting to swell she tells her followers that "Bar beats me."

Watch the video: