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Video: Appears To Show Kyle Rittenhouse Punching Girl; Beat By Black Men!

Kyle Rittenhouse is currently facing murder charges in Wisconsin, for gunning down two men during a Black Lives Matter protest. Kyle is being called a vigilante, who went to the protest to create violence.

But MTO News has obtained a video, which appears to show Kyle getting into a fistfight with a girl. The video shows a teenage boy, who looks like Kyle and is wearing the same red-white-and-blue Croc shoes that Kyle wears.

In the video, the man who looks like Kyle antagonizes and then begins punching a girl in the face repeatedly.

A group of men, including two Black men, jumped in - to protect the girl from being assaulted by "Kyle."

The good Samaritans stomped Kyle out until he started crying and begging them to stop.


Kyle Rittenhouse is facing life in prison if he is convicted for all the charges against him.

Tuesday night, Kyle Rittenhouse, a white 17-year-old, approaches officers shouldering an AR-15 semiautomatic rifle after allegedly shooting three people. Rittenhouse raises his arms in a gesture that appears to be surrendering or possibly signaling that his hands are not on his weapon. Witnesses shout: "Hey, he just shot them! Hey, dude right here just shot them!"

Four armored vehicles, lights flashing, pass Rittenhouse, and several police cruisers can be seen nearby. No one stops Rittenhouse. He was charged Thursday with intentional and reckless homicide.

The differences between the two videos have prompted a fierce national debate over race and justice. 

To some, the videos show clear racism.

In the Blake video, less than three minutes elapse from the time police arrive on the scene to the moment Officer Rusten Sheskey shoots Blake. Those viewers say police made an inadequate effort to de-escalate the conflict or settle it by other means. 

In the Rittenhouse video, gunfire is heard after the city-imposed curfew and a white teenager with an AR-15 semiautomatic walks past law enforcement vehicles. No one stops him, despite the cries from witnesses trying to alert police that he has just shot people.

To others who view the two videos, the blame lies not with Rittenhouse, but state and local authorities who allowed the protests in Kenosha to devolve into anarchy, leaving citizens to defend property and themselves.