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Victoria Beckham will "definitely not"be popping up to do an impromptu appearance during the 2019 Spice Girls Tour.

Back in November, the band revealed that they would be embarking on a reunion tour in 2019, and although it was made clear that Beckham is not featured on the lineup, fans were hopeful that she would make a cameo appearance.

Beckham is now a full-time fashion designer and wanted to make it very clear to her fans that she would not be showing up.


"I won't be joining my girls on stage again but being in the Spice Girls was a hugely important part of my life and I wish them so much love and fun as they go back on tour," she wrote.

During an interview with the Guardian, she shut doubled down on her statement. When asked whether she would be appearing she told them:

“No. Definitely not.”

And when asked if the decision was a difficult one, she responded:

“Not at all. What I do now is my passion and a full-time job. I’m excited to see it, though. And I’m sure when I’m there and they are on stage, there will be a part of me that feels a bit left out. Because even after all this, a part of me will always be a Spice Girl.”

It'snot like she needs the cash. Her net worth is said to be upwards of $400 million.