Vicki Gunvalson is suing her Real Housewives of Orange County co-star Kelly Dodd for calling her a con woman.

Vicki has filed a lawsuit against Kelly over three statements she made on camera, believing they may have an effect on her personal and business relationships if aired.

Kelly reportedly made the following comments per TMZ:

 "You prey on older people."

- "You are a con woman."

- "You engaged in 'fraud.'"

The comments have not yet been showed during any of the episodes, but in the trailer, Kelly is seen calling Vicki a "con woman."

It is surprising that Vicki would sue Kelly for the comments. Since on camera, Vicki has accused Kelly of being a coke user and spread a rumor that she was involved in a "sex train" with eight other men.

Vicki also filed the documents under the pseudonym Jane Roe for "defamation, libel, trade libel, interference with actual and perspective economic business advantage, false light and injunctive relief."