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Vicki Gunvalson has returned to the Real Housewives of Orange County, but not on her own turns.

According to RadarOnline, the O.G. of the Bravo show has reportedly taken a pay cut of 50% per episode. And it isn't just the pay decrease that Vicki has agreed to. Reports are that Vicki is not guaranteed episodes and had to pitch a storyline to keep the show interested.

According to the Radar source, “Vicki’s attorney pitched to the show the idea of her getting engaged to Steve as part of a big storyline. That was basically her only leverage.”

Another insider told them:

 “It’s soon to tell whether Vicki will be an RHOC full-time member or a part-time member. She will, however, have getting engaged and getting married as a major part of her story line this season. That was a game changer when she brought that to the table.”

Well, we know that she's filmed at least one episode. She recently shared the following pic online: