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Rapper Vic Mensa has been very vocal about his distaste of the way that rappers in the hip-hop community treat women.

Speaking to XXL, Mensa talked candidly about why he feels that misogyny in hip-hop is such a huge issue:

"We have to know hip-hop is f*cked up as it pertains to women. The majority of times a woman is referenced in hip-hop, she’s a b*tch or a hoe. We all know that sh*t is f*cked up," he said.

"Whether or not it’s fun in the club, it’s got real-life consequences. I realize things about the way I’ve been raised, the way I’ve acted and how I can use the new information that I have to be a better man. I want to be one of those people that can be a catalyst in other n*ggas recognizing that sh*t."

Mensa has been raked over the coals for his posthumous diss to XXXtentacion at the BET Awards while in the presence of his mother. Fans were quick to mention that Mensa had admitted during an interview to choking a woman and found the move hypocritical. But he can handle the pushback that comes with speaking out.

"Whether or not it makes me a villain sometimes or whatever, I’m like, Man, we got a lot of reckoning to do but it’s not a lost cause! This doesn’t have to be how it is and there’s so much heinous violence going on against women in the world right now. And obviously, so much sh*t that’s been exposed recently. On the hip-hop side of things I’m like, “Hey y’all, time’s up.” We’ve all made mistakes but that doesn’t mean we need to continue to make them and glorify them."

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