The upcoming Love & Hip Hop Hollywood reunion is gearing up to be the best reality show reunion in history.

MTO News exclusively learned that production is looking to do something unprecedented - allow two cast members to fist fight, during the reunion show taping.

Typically the Love & Hip Hop reunion shows are "violence free" zones - and the network provides security to keep cast members from fighting.

But for the upcoming Love & Hip Hop Hollywood reunion, two of the cast members - Lyrica Anderson and Summer Bunni have been given the option to "fight" on camera.

A person familiar with production explained that, "Lyrica and Summer were given the option to sign a release - which basically allows them to fight on camera." The insider added, "Summer signed the release immediately, no questions asked. We're still waiting to hear back from Lyrica's attorney."

The production insider expects that Lyrica will sign the release shortly.

And it looks like Summer Bunni is already preparing for the battle. She went on Twitter yesterday, talking a lot of mess about her reality show rival. And promised to "slap" Lyrica during the reunion.


Back in August, Summer, 20, shaded Lyrica, 30, hard during an interview on the The Domenick Nati Show, calling her old, among other insults, and explaining why she thinks Lyrica’s husband, A1 Bentley, 31, hooked up with her. “[Lyrica’s] very scary, she’s very wack, she’s very lame,” Summer said. “If I was her, I’d probably feel like her, too. If I saw this young, beautiful, talented girl who’s scooped up your husband when he’s never said… that situation right there, I didn’t force him to be with me.”