VH1 premiered their newest reality show Beauty Bar just a few months ago - and it's already been cancelled. MTO News learned that Viacom has shut down production of the show and fired the entire cast.

A person working with the show told MTO News, "The show didn't get any traction. It never got a solid viewership. So it's been cancelled."

Cast members are being told this weekend, that they are fired. Some cast members will likely learn that they're fired by readying this article, as VH1 hasn't sent out all the PINK SLIPS yet.

The show is about an eclectic group of hairstylists and makeup artists from Manhattan’s House of Dolls by Henry. Here's how VH1 described the series:

Thalia is the center of attention who commands the beauty scene with her looks and makeup expertise. Using his own face as a canvas, Kevin is known for his flamboyant makeover magic that has significantly grown his social media following and clientele. Master colorist Vee is a former bottle girl who hopes to one day own a salon. Notik is the resident barber who constantly draws in new clients to stay ahead of the game. New to the salon are hairstylists Princess, who is determined to prove herself as a top “weave-ologist,” and her best friend Rell, the shop’s loctician (dreadlock specialist). Owner Henry runs a tight ship as he manages the salon and day-to-day operations alongside his business partner Tess.

Here is a clip from one of the episodes: