Fashion staples Versace has filed a lawsuit against Fashion Nova over stealing a design inspired by Jennifer Lopez's green Grammys dress.

In court documents filed this week, Versace referred to Fashion Nova as a "serial infringer specializing in 'fast-fashion' knock-offs," adding that the company, "has been sued at least eight times by other designers (such as Adidas) for the same type of copyright and trademark infringement."

Take a look at the dress in question:

The complaint also states that "Fashion Nova's Infringing Apparel is plainly a deliberate effort to exploit the popularity and renown of Versace's signature designs, and to trade on Versace's valuable goodwill and business reputation," and that "Versace seeks to bring an end to Fashion Nova's latest brazen attempt at copying the work of yet another famous and world-renowned designer."

Versace now wants an injunction, recall, and payment, including "all profits realized by its wrongful acts." The label requests a trial by jury.