The Vegas ODDS MAKERS Just Set Up BETTING LINES . . . On Chris Brown Vs Soulja Boy . . . And They're Giving Soulja Boy . . .A GOOD CHANCE OF WINNING!!!


When Chris Brown and Soulja Boy announced that they were going to BOX - under the banner of Mayweather Promotions - the entire world got excited. And after the initial excitement, most people thought - "Chris is gonna KILL THAT BOY."

Well according to the LAS VEGAS ODDS MAKERS, Soulja Boy has a 50-50 shot of winning the fight. The oddsmakers say that both artists have a 6/5 chance of winning (That means if you put up $6 to bet, and your fighter wins, you'll get your $6 back plus an additional $5).

Here is the full line published by the website

To Win Fight

Chris Brown: 5/6
Soulja Boy: 5/6

Over/Under Rounds

Over 1.5 Rounds: 5/9
Under 1.5 Rounds: 3/2

Will Fight End In A Draw?

Yes, fight is a draw: 18/1
No, fight is not a draw: 1/25

Fight To End In Even/Odd Number Round?

Fight ends in an odd number round: 5/9
Fight ends in an even number round: 3/2

Fight To End Via Decision or Stoppage?

Fight to end via decision: 9/5
Fight ends via stoppage (KO-TKO-DQ): 3/2 is run by veteran oddsmaker, consultant and international gambling expert Jim Murphy who writes and speaks extensively about handicapping theory, sports and entertainment betting.