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Vanessa Bryant: Life Isn't Fair!!

Vanessa Bryant, the widow of late NBA legend Kobe Bryant, posted an emotional message to her Instagram -- she says life isn't fair.

"My husband worked his ass off for 20 years. Gave it his all. All he wanted was to spend time with our girls and me to make up for lost time," she wrote on Instagram in commemoration of Mamba Day. 

"He wanted to be there for every single milestone and special moment in our girls lives. He only got to enjoy 3 years and 9 months of retirement. We had 2 more daughters, he won an Oscar, he opened Granity studios, he became a 5x best selling author and coached Gianna's basketball team in that time. She worked hard and gave her all 7 days a week just like her daddy. I wish I could back to that morning, every day. I wish they had a normal local game on 1/26. Life truly isn't fair. This is just senseless."

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Vanessa and her family.