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Vanessa Bryant Files DEVASTATING Legal Documents Against Her MOTHER!!

Vanessa Bryant and her mother are locked in a very bitter court battle, where Vanessa's mother is trying to get her daughter to pay for her life expenses.


MTO News has learned that Vanessa is refusing to pay her mother a single penny, and last year - she evicted her mother from the home that Kobe and Vanessa had been allowing her to use.

At the heart of their dispute is Vanessa's mother is claiming that Kobe promised to "take care of her" for the rest of her life. Kobe's mother-in-law claims that once the NBA star died - Vanessa cut her off and evicted her.

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Well Vanessa just filed a devastating legal document that may cause the court to throw out the case. Here's how Radar Online is reporting it:

According to court documents obtained by Radar, Vanessa’s attorney is making moves to show Kobe never promised to take care of her mom Sofia Laine for the rest of her life.

Recently, Vanessa submitted evidence she believes proves her case. A part of the record is filings from Sofia’s divorce. Back in 2008 and 2009, Sofia was fighting her ex-husband over spousal support.

At the time, her ex-husband tried to get out of paying monthly support saying Kobe was taking care of the bills. Sofia told the court Kobe had no obligation to provide to her. Her ex also questioned her about tabloid reports that Vanessa bought her a $1 million home. She said the report was “absolutely false.” Sofia said, “I would never permit Vanessa to do such a thing. I have not and do not (nor should I be required to) rely on Vanessa for my support."

Kobe's widow believes the records show her mom is not being truthful in the present case.