'Vanderpump Rules' Star Lala Kent Addresses 50 Cent Beef During Reunion Show

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Tuesday night was the virtual reunion show for Bravo's Vanderpump Rules -- and star Lala Kent addressed her highly publicized beef with rapper 50 Cent, explaining why the drama did not air on the show.

"There was a very public beef between myself and a pretty famous rapper, and it got very bad. I felt like James and I had moved so beyond doing petty sh*t to each other that when I saw that it was just like a knife in my heart," she explained.

Lala continued: "Everything's good now. Myself and Randall and this rapper, we just don't speak about each other."

Viewers wanted to know why they didn't get to see any of it play out on the show.

"Well, number one, when this all happened, we were not filming. I think we would have had a much harder time if it was happening during filming. But there was also a lot of legal stuff going on that," she explained.

50 famously called out her fiance, Randall Emmett who owed him $1 million at the time. 50 leaked tweets where Emmett referred to him as "Fofty," and even called Lala a "hoe."