'Vanderpump Rules' star James Kennedy is known for being a douche on the Bravo show, but after he mocked a caller on 'Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen,' even Andy chimed in to check the egotistical DJ.

When a caller stumbled over her words during the call-in section of the show, Kennedy let out a fake snore before telling her - “Get to the point, darling. Get to the point.”

“Oh, sweetie,” a shocked Cohen told the VPR star.

As he continued to ask what the question was, and then told him:

“You’re trash-talking in interviews but you’re being sweet in person.” 

Kennedy is constantly getting into hot water on the show for his disrespectful treatment of his female castmates. His boss, Lisa Vanderpump is constantly firing and re-hiring the star in a bid to curtail is wild antics, but it seems that he has not learned very much.

Watch the clip below.