Billie Lee, one of the stars of Bravo show, Vanderpump Rules, hopped onto her Instagram to recount a recent night out which took a dark turn when she came across a fake Lyft driver.

"On Saturday night I met up with a few friends at the Abbey in West Hollywood," the transgender SUR hostess shared with her followers. "I was coming from the @translatinacoalition fashion show. I had two glasses of wine while watching the show. I had a third at Pump and one beer at The Abbey. I started leaning on my friends as I was clearly intoxicated, feeling embarrassed for being too drunk. I decided to get my ass home so I left my friends around 12:30AM to find my Lyft."

Billie then claims that "three men swooped up around me and begged for me to come with them. I got you baby, whatever you need I got you. Let me help you. One after another swirling around, grabbing, touching and yes sometimes holding me up. I kept saying, 'no I'm good no I have a boy friend.' They were so aggressive and not taking no for an answer."

She did manage to get way but that her Lyft driver was not who he said he was. She said he told her that he was her driver, but she felt something was off and did not get into his car. And for a good reason, it turns out he was a fraud.

"I immediately got out of his car and found my driver behind us," she said. "Once I got into my Lyft and verified the driver, I burst into tears. These men were not out drinking and having a good time, these men were professionals and they were there to lure me to a second location."