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Political analyst Van Jones received some backlash this week for praising Kim Kardashian's recent political activism.

This week, he posted a photo of the two of them at the recent Criminal Justice Summit in Los Angeles to his Instagram page. The post was captioned:

“@vanjones68 Yesterday, I got to spend time with @kimkardashian and Ms. Alice Johnson at the @variety / @rollingstone #criminaljusticesummit in LA. Proud to work with these two women in the fight for #justicereform. If you want to help pass the #FirstStepAct, go to !! #kardashian #criminaljustice #cut50”

The caption raised eyebrows and some had some unkind words for Jones. One, in particular, hit a nerve. The follower wrote:

“@carbolitaaa Criminal justice reform would not have been possible without Kim Kardashian. She is one bad sistah.” – Van Jones exact comment yesterday”

Jones then replied:

“@vanjones68 @carbolitaaa / 1. The federal bill would NOT have been possible had she not first gotten Trump warmed up with Ms Alice Johnson. 2. That is NOT an exact quote. Why not say, “that’s the gist of what he said.” If you are going to throw shade, at least be accurate.”

So, Jones has got time - and he is not backing away from his praise of Kim.