Vado KICKED OUT Of Marriage Boot Camp For Choking Tahiry!! (Full Video)

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Rapper Vado was officially kicked out of the Marriage Boot Camp group house on Thursday's episode of Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition, after he choked his girlfriend on camera.


During last night's episode rapper Vado, 35, got angry and grabbed his girlfriend Tahiry Jose, 40, by the neck.

On last week's show, Tahiry got angry at Vado for not supporting her, and she threw two green apples at his face in front of the cast. At the time Vado didn't respond violently.

But Vado had time to stew in his juices.

Later in the day, when the two were seated next to each other, and Tahiry started discussing throwing apples at Vado, he snapped and choked her.


Afterward, Tahiry made excuses for her man. "It was unexpected,' she said in the confessional. 'I haven't registered it yet.'

Tahiry later told the group Vado had 'too much to drink,' and said liquor made his personality change.

'Vado… lost it,' she said in a confessional. 'He put his hands on me. That's not like him.'

In another room, Vado explained to the show host that his violent outburst was in retaliation to TAHIRY'S VIOLENT ATTACK EARLIER IN THE DAY.