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Marriage Boot Camp Vado: Tahiry Hit Me 1st; I Choked Her In Self Defense!! (Video)

Vado claims he was not the aggressor in the recently leaked clip of him violently grabbing Tahiry by her throat that was released online.

At first, Vado simply said that nobody was hit, but then he released a lengthier statement.

"Period... Even if they taking ur kindness for weakness but continue to watch da show n u will see who was the aggressor."

Screen Shot 2020-07-30 at 6.03.29 AM

He continued, "I get it y'all don't kno me but those dat do kno dat I'm 1 of da most humblest mannered person there is

"Wit dat being said did I lose my cool? Yes I did cause regardless of what I should had never grabbed her by her clothes. As a man we suppose to protect our lady."

What is he talking about? Well in the preview Tahiry appears to throw an apple at the rapper, and hit him in the face. Look closely at the :19 second mark. We also saved a screenshot:


But Vado's right -- whatever she said, or did -- the rapper should have kept his hands to himself. No doubt viewers will tune into tonight's show to find out what really went down.