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SHOCK DISCOVERY: Doctors Find a UTERUS . . . Inside A 23 Year Old MAN . . . He Had OVARIES Instead Of TESTES!!!


Doctors in India made an astonishing discovery. Indian press is reporting that doctors found an uterus while examining a 23-year-old man who had come complaining of hernia on Thursday.

The young man, who is only identified as "Mr. Amaresh," came to the hospital complaining of a severe pain in his right testicle, a common condition called Right Inguinal Hernia.

During examination, a doctor named Dr. Sudheer discovered that Mr. Amesh's scrotum did not have testicles. Assuming that the testicles hadn’t descended, which happens in some cases, the medical team in the hospital decided to go for a surgery.

But the team was astonished when they found an uterus and even ovaries, like in a woman, but without the physiological functions of uterus or menstrual phases.

To the surprise of the doctors, the ovaries had been doing the job of testicles. Stressing that it was a rarest of rare case, Dr. Sudheer said it was a genetic anomaly called Persistent Mullerian Duct.

“We have removed the uterus and he can lead a normal life after marriage without any hassles,” Dr. Sudheer said.