Good news for basketball fans -- the entire Utah Jazz team and its staff have been cleared of coronavirus 14 days after they were forced to self-quarantine.

The team went into self-quarantine after two of its players -- Rudy Gobert and Donovan Mitchell, tested positive for COVID-19.

Mitchell talked to the Lighthearted podcast on Saturday, where he revealed that the Utah Department of Health had given him the news.

"When I found out in the morning, that's when it really hit me. Like ok, this is real and it mainly hit cause I didn't know what it was. I was healthy," said Mitchell. "I'm like, am I going to get symptoms? That was the scariest part. I can say that was the craziest thing in my life," he said.

The team also released a statement:

"All Utah Jazz have been cleared by the Utah Department of Health after completing their respective periods of isolation and quarantine following exposure to COVID-19. In accordance with CDC and NBA recommendations, all players and staff will continue to practice social distancing while limiting time outside their homes to essential activities," said the Utah Jazz, "The Utah Department of Health has determined that all Jazz players and staff, regardless of prior testing status, no longer pose a risk of infection to others."