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Usher’s GF Amara La Negra TWERKING At Concert . . . And You Know What . . . We Think Her BUTT MAY BE REAL!!!


Miami star Amara La Negra performs at the 2018 SXSW Music Festival in Austin, Texas.

Amara La Negra has always claimed that she is all natural, and we believe it. She has posted several videos of her dancing and working out in sweatpants, and the movement was definitely natural.

As far as her coming clean about dating Usher, the Love & Hip Hop star is not slowing down her busy schedule to address the whispers.

“Booked and Busy! But Most Importantly “Im focused” Im in such a good place of my life that I don’t Have time to pay attention to all the nonsense and Bullshit! Iv Worked too hard to get to where am at. Im happy in EVERY aspect of my life Period,” she posted on social media.

She is also still not very happy with Young Hollywood.

“For some reason on the show, it almost comes off in the end as if we like each other, which we don’t. So please write down: Hell no, with a lot of L’s, I will never be cool with Young Hollywood again. But what I did do was try to move forward. Some people are just ignorant, some people just don’t know how to communicate, and some people you have to take for who they are. I took Hollywood’s apology, I hugged it out, and tried to move forward. But at the end of the day, realistically the way that I feel is that he only tried to be nice to me and invite me to radio interviews because he was getting backlash on social media because of his comments toward me,” she told Refinery29.

So, while Young Hollywood is busy trying to be fake, Amara La Negra is out here being her natural self and flaunting her natural curves for “Let It Burn” crooner, Usher.

We love natural curves! Check out Amara’s below!