Usher reportedly told fans that contracting the herpes virus is "no big deal." The 40 yearly R&B crooner reportedly made the statement using a fake, or "burner" Twitter account.

Usher has been under scrutiny, ever since two women and one man accused the singer of of exposing them to the herpes virus. The 3 alleged victims claim Usher knowingly exposed them to herpes, during s*xual encounters.

Well Usher is looking to clean up his image - by using a burner twitter account, fans believe. Fans discovered the alleged fake account yesterday - when the account defended Usher's every move. And the person operating the account also seemed too know details about Usher's life - that only the 40 year old superstar would know.

Here are some of the things that the burner account tweeted, starting with a post saying that herpes is "no big deal."


Earlier this month, the now deleted Twitter account @lala2054876, which had less than 50 followers, defended Usher’s latest project A with producer Zaytoven when someone used the word "forgettable" to describe the album. "The guy made that joint in 5 days. That aint an actual official album lol,” the account responded. "He was jst havin fun with his birthday on its way. So now that his birthday has gone past, u can forget it peacefully. No one will blame u. lol." The account then went on to defend Usher's recent album release even MORE - which is getting terrible reviews:


People started calling out the burner account - claiming that it was Usher behind it. The account has now gone silent. Look:


We will say that a representative for Usher has issued a statement to Rolling Stone dispelling rumors that the singer had been secretly operating a burner account to defend his latest project. "Just to be clear…Usher is definitely NOT behind this account and Usher does NOT have a burner account @lala20548756," the statement reads. But of course they would deny it now.