R&B singer Usher has a giant new tattoo on his head, and people on Twitter don't like it one bit.

The R&B singer went to a popular Los Angeles tattoo parlor yesterday, and got L.A. tattoo artist Dillon Forte to create a masterpiece on the R&B singer's head.

The tattoo is on the back of Usher's head and according to TMZ it is, "inspired by sacred geometry and an ancient Berber stone that marks the cardinal points in the sky, which allows travelers to find their way across vast distances."

TMZ also said that, "Usher and Dillon -- who has also worked on Chris Hemsworth and Kat Von D, among others -- met through Jennifer Love Hewitt's hubby, Brian Hallisay. It wasn't long before an introduction was made and the singer sat down for a 3-hour sesh last weekend at Dillon's Sri Yantra Tattoo Studio in Venice."

Here are the tats:



Here are some comments from social media, about his new tattoo:

Wtf is wrong with him?! He has disappointed me so much. I want to slap his ass back to 2004. He could have been great! We could have been great!

Looks demonic

It's official, Usher is in the Illuminati

Usher's Instagram right now is filled with critical comments.

The website D-Listed slammed Usher's new tattoo saying:

Perhaps he’s still celebrating the recent victory in his herpes lawsuit, or maybe he’s just rich and bored. Either way, this dude is seriously transitioning into the text book definition of mid-life crisis. And instead of buying an expensive sports car or constantly hitting on young chicks in the club (because that’s probably how his ass got in trouble in the first place), 40-year-old Usher has decided to say, “fuck the future!“, by permanently ruining the back of his neck with a tattoo that looks like a pentagram for witches at MIT.