R&B singer Usher showed off his new girlfriend last night in Los Angeles. He brought the beautiful, model-type gal to Diddy's 49th birthday party in Hollywood.

Usher tried to make it seem like the pair were not together, by making his date walk a few steps behind him while he walked with his publicist. Usher's beautiful date had brown skin, and long flowing hair.

Usher is currently in the midst of a divorce, from wife Grace Miguel. Grace filed to divorce the singer last year - after Usher was hit with multiple "herpes" lawsuits. 

In the lawsuits, two women and one man alleged that Usher exposed them to herpes. All three accusers claim that Usher had s*xual contact with them, and that the singer knowingly exposed them to herpes.

These lawsuits came about after court documents leaked, which suggested that Usher was infected with herpes.


Bossip reported just last week that Usher and his legal team requested a gag order to keep the details of the suit a private manner.

Usher and his legal team are working on the case that involved Laura Helm who accused the singer of knowingly giving her herpes after a couple of sexual encounters. Usher’s response includes a denial but also passing the blame back to Helm stating that unprotected sex was a risk that was taken on her account.

In the court documents, Usher is cited as a public figure who can be harmed if the details of the case become information obtainable by the general public, citing “harm, annoyance and/or embarrassment.