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Usain Bolt Tests Positive For COVID-19

World-record sprinter Usain Bolt has tested positive for COVID-19 and has placed himself in self-isolation at his home in Jamaica.

Just last week, Bolt celebrated his 34th birthday in Jamaica, in a gathering where neither he nor his guests wore masks. The party was a surprise party likely organized by his fiance.

“I’m just waking up, and like everybody else I checked social media which is saying I am confirmed to have Covid-19,” said Bolt. “I did a test on Saturday to leave because I work. I am trying to be responsible so I am going to stay in and stay here for my friends.”

“I’m having no symptoms so I am going to quarantine myself and wait on the confirmation, to see what is the protocol and how I should go about quarantining myself,” Bolt added. “Until then, I am saying anyone who has had contact with me should quarantine by themselves just to be safe, and just to take it easy.”