US TEAM Gymnast UNDER FIRE . . . For Posting 'SEXY' Pics On Social Media!!! (PICS)

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Erica Fontaine, a member of the US gymnastics team is coming under fire on social media. Erica is a nationally ranked gymnast - who was one of the star member on the West Virginia University team . And she models in her spare time. And she posts her modeling pics on social media.

Well some people connected with the world of US gymnastics are upset that she is posting SEXY PICS online. If you look through Erica's comment s- in between the HUNDREDS of thirsty men - you find women BLASTING her for "sending the wrong message" to young girls.

Erica keeps it classy on her social media sites. While the pictures show off her body - she does not do anything EXPLICIT online.

Here are some of her pics - taken from Instagram:

Here is her doing gymnastics: