Us Justice Department To Speak W/ Prince Andrew As Part Of Jeffrey Epstein Investigation

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The U.S. Justice Department has formally requested to speak with British royal Prince Andrew as part of its investigation into deceased billionaire, Jeffrey Epstein.

According to ABC News, the request was made through a Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty to the British Home Office. The Justice Department, notably, did not make a request through Buckingham Palace, but opted to ask for the U.K.'s help in compelling the royal's testimony.

The prince does not have sovereign immunity and can face charges if he is linked to a crime.

"It's a huge statement of intent from the US and it moves Andrew into the realms of a criminal investigation. It's also frankly a diplomatic nightmare," a source told The Sun.

"The DOJ does not make a request of this nature lightly, especially one involving a senior member of the British royal family. It puts the UK government in a very difficult position – and the Duke of York even more so."