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Deshawn Snow was one of the original cast of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. At the time, she was married to NBA baller Eric Snow.

Deshawn quit the show after only one season, so that she could live a more private life, and raise her kids out of the public eye.

MTO News caught up with Deshawn, and both she and her kids are doing great.

When Deshawn left the Atlanta Housewives - she was the only one that was rich. The  other four original housewives were faking their wealthy lifestyles. NeNe turned out to be renting her home (she didn't own), Sheree was revealed to have an extensive arrest record, Lisa was being sued by her ex-husband, and Kim was forced to sell her very humble home at a loss.

DeShawn has since moved on - and had a bunch of changes in her life. She and Eric got divorced, she lost a bunch of weight and she’s now winning on many fronts.

DeShawn started writing children’s books in 2012, and she has now published three titles in her Lil Shawnee series. She also promotes various projects that empower and encourage young women, including PH1LL, a charitable organization that helps provide resources and scholarship opportunities to single mothers looking to pursue a college education.

DeShawn’s son Darius is also looking to follow the sporting footsteps of his famous father. He's going to be playing football for the University of Texas Longhorns next year. And he’s sure to get plenty of help with motivation from his inspirational mom.

Oh, and did we mention that she's GORGEOUS now. Look: