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UNPHOTOSHOPPED Pics Of Nicki Minaj Leak . . . She's Now Shaped . . . Like LIL KIM!!


For years Nicki Minaj has been doing EVERYTHING in her power to become Lil Kim. Well now she may have finally succeeded in morphing into the 1990s rap icon.

MTO News obtained pics of Nicki Minaj as she was making an appearance with 2 Chainz for YG's newest music video 'Big Bank.'

The rapper is spotted in her trailer as she greets friends. In the evening the cast and crew gets to work as Nicki rides a pink horse during her verse.

And fans are GOING IN on Nicki on social media. They claim that Nicki now has the "same shape" as her idol Lil Kim. Others are calling Nicki "fat."


Nicki has never publicly admitted to her surgery procedures but fans have long speculated that she's definitely had many alterations. Nicki is well known for her outrageous body shape, namely her large breast and big butt in a tiny body.

Back in June of last year someone claiming to be famous plastic surgeon Dr. Miami's daughter made the following comment about Nicki, putting her on blast:

“U have permanent scars possibly permanent implants that can no longer be reversed and even health issues bcus of it. My dad is ur doc. He told me ur in constant pain medications Bcus u had a butt infection recently & back problems due to breast implants. Said one time not long ago u had ur stomach pumped from pain in my stomach issues u were having which were early stages of an overdose. Also said u had permanent rockhard areas in ur butt due to injecting silicone over butt implants. Said u had to get blood drained out of ur butt bcus of an infection u got due to a implant in ur body that ruptured. He said sometimes u don’t accept and refuse urgent blood tests bcus u know ull test positive for cocaine,” said @LittoThot.