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Tanya Sam from the Atlanta Housewives is undergoing IVF treatments, to get pregnant MTO News has confirmed.

Tanya, 40, and her longtime boyfriend Paul Judge are trying to get pregnant, and they're using IVF treatments to bring about the pregnancy.

While this seems like an exciting time for Tanya and Paul - Tanya & Paul's IVF choice is being gossiped about by the other housewives.

You see Tanya and Paul have been engaged for almost 4 years - and they never decided to get married. Now the couple is having a baby, also without a marriage commitment.

Some of the Atlanta Housewives - including Cynthia, Kenya, and Porsha - are whispering behind Tanya's back about how Paul has no intention of marrying her.

Yes, you read that right - unmarried new mama Porsha has the nerve to criticize Tanya for having a baby outside of wedlock. What irony . . . 

One of the producers told MTO New, "Tanya's getting pregnant without being married to Paul. That's her big storyline. And her conflict with Porsha and Kenya over it."

Tanya explained in a recent interview that she’s already done nine cycles of IVF so far, enduring up to ten injections a day in her bid for pregnancy. Although she said the experience has been “intense,” she said she hopes that her story will help normalize the procedure in the African-American community.

“I have cousins and family members (who’ll say) the answer is ‘Pray on it,’” Sam said. “And I’m praying on it, but sometimes you need a little more medicine and science to add on that because there’s something going on there.”