Lexus Scheller and Shayden Massey, stars of Season 2 of TLC's Unexpected are officially over.

The couple - who are both teenagers - have been through a lot during their short relationship. But they stayed together after the birth of their daughter Scarlett. 

Yesterday, on Instagram, Shayden explained to fans that he and Lexus are over. According to Shayden, he dumped his babys mother - after Lexus cheated on him.

“To those who won’t quit asking, No!, we’re not together anymore,” reads a text graphic posted by Shayden earlier today. He clarified further in the comments, revealing that Lexus allegedly hooked up with his best friend while Shayden was behind bars! “She cheated on me with my best friend when I served a couple weekends in jail for driving without a license when I was omw to work,” Shayden wrote.

He added in another comment, "She’s not what I want for my future. I’ve had a lot of time on my hands to sit and think about allllll of it, I need a WIFE and a FAMILY, all I have ever wanted in my life was to be a husband to a loving wife.”