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TLC hit series Unexpected stars Matthew Blevins and Hailey Tilford (also known as Hailey #2) have decided to split up, and this time for good. Hailey, however, is currently pregnant with Matthew's baby.

Hailey #2 announced her split from Matthew on Instagram last night.

Hailey wrote, “For all the nosey ass people on my page who like to lurk and post all my business, I might as well get some stuff cleared up for you,” She added a rolls her eyes emoji and puckering lips one.

Hailey continued, “Yes, I’M SINGLE.” Adding, “Me and Matthew aren’t together, we broke up.”

And then she offered some vague explanation of why the two former lovebirds split

“Hopefully I said that enough ways for y’all to understand,” Hailey explained. “We are nothing but toxic, we don’t treat each other good at all.”

She ended with the following:

My main focus is my little boy growing inside of me, he’s all I’m concerned about. I don’t need anyone’s opinion.

A lot of y’all are dm[ing] me and I’m just not able to answer them all, I don’t want to talk tbh. I’m hurting right now. I’m weak right now.