Underage Female Rapper Bhad Bhabie: I'm Dating A Grown Man' (Details)


Female rapper Bhad Bhabie is just 17 years old. But yesterday, MTO News confirmed that she announced to the world that she's dating a grown man - 21-year-old rapper Yung Bans.

And it appears they're pretty serious too. The underage rapper got his name tatted on her behind. Watch the video above to see the tats.

Under California law, where they both live, Yung Bans is legally prohibited from having any intimate contact with Bhabie - since she's considered a "minor"

(see above video)

Bhad Bhabie, real name Danielle Bregoli, first burst onto the scene when she appeared on an episode of Dr. Phil in September 2016- and she said the phrase, "Catch me outside, how about that?" Danielle instantly became a viral video meme and her catchphrase was seen by millions.

Danielle then turned to rap and rebranded herself Bhad Bhabie. She became the youngest female rapper ever to appear on the Billboard Hot 100 chart with her debut single "These Heaux". She subsequently signed a record deal with Atlantic Records and has now expanded into a reality show, a makeup brand, tours, and a music career. 

And what about her man - well he's a rapper too.

Yung Bans, real name Vas Coleman, is a 21-year-old rapper and songwriter. He is best known for his singles including "Ridin'", "Lonely", "Dresser", "Right Through You", and "4TSpoon" featuring Playboi Carti; as well as the Yung Bans Vol. 1-5 mixtape series