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Uncle Murda is the latest rapper to fire shots at Tekashi 6ix9ine while he's locked up, and he has released a diss track wishing rape on the rapper.

The New York rapper previewed the clip via his Instagram, where he raps:

“Hope he get raped while they got him in PC by a big black n*gga that look like Adebisi/I’m kicking him while he’s down, yeah f*ck that rat n*gga/Didn’t you do a song with him?/F*ck that trap n*gga.”

If you guys will recall, Adebisi was a character from the prison drama 'OZ' who was also a notorious rapist.

He also claims that he caught 6ix9ine's baby mama with one of his homies before calling her a "slut" and claiming that she wants to be like Amber Rose.

Since 6ix9ine has decided to snitch on his former homies, the streets are turning their back on his one rapper at a time. 

Will 50 Cent hop on the remix?