Not long after K. Michelle sat down with Trick Daddy and Trina to speak about Uncle Murda dissing her on "Rap Up 2019," Uncle Murda headed to Hot97 to explain why he went at her so hard.

"See, I didn't like what she said about Tekashi like she's happy he's coming home," he shared with the radio hosts. 

"I thought that was kind of wack when I saw her do that this time around. She was just like, 'he didn't snitch on me, I'm happy he's comin' home,' stuff like that. It was kind of weak," he continued.

The rapper adds, "I actually know people that's locked up over the corny shit Tekashi did. Me and her don't really like each other anyway. It's my fault. I'm not going to sit here and act like she did." 

The rapper claimed that K. Michelle could not hold on to a man because her P*ssy stinks - and K. Michelle trended on social media for the entire day Murda released the track.