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Uncle Luke sounds off at Jay-Z once again, this time telling the star that he is the NFL's "token Black guy."

TMZ caught up with the rap legend who ripped into Jay earlier this week, to discuss his views on the controversial partnership:

"[The NFL is] basically showing that, 'Aye look, let me go get a token Black guy, throw him out there, say we're dealing with systemic racism and say we're having him involved with the entertainment,'" he told TMZ. "It specifically said that Jay-Z would be advising the NFL with the systemic racism and entertainment. Right now, that's an F."

J.Lo and Shakira were recently named the headliners of the Super Bowl halftime show, and Luke feels that he should have stepped away from his deal when he saw the direction they were heading in.

"If they did this and you were at the table... then Jay-Z should have put in his resignation at that point. If he does not resign or they don't make this right then [the NFL] is actually using him," referring to it as a sell-out deal "from the jump."

Is he right?