The NFL and Jay-Z recently announced that J.Lo and Shakira would be headlining the Super Bowl halftime show - and Uncle Luke is not happy about it.

The rap legend took to Instagram to air his grievances over the halftime selection:

"Hold the f- up right now... I am so pissed right now. I really want to use some profanity, but I got a lot of kids that follow me on Instagram. I've noticed these days. All of a sudden, the NFL, y'all gon' bring in J. Lo and somebody else, and just totally disrespect all the African-American entertainment in Miami? So, we don't exist," he said.

To make his point, he listed some alternatives Jay could have selected:

"It ain't about me, I don't want to perform. But you wanna bring J. Lo and the other girl, I don't even know where she from. Nobody from Miami. We got world-class entertainment here. I would have thought you had sense to go get Pit Bull, Flo Rida or Ross or somebody, Trick Daddy or something. Really? You're gonna bring in those two people? You're gonna rape the town of all of our money, and then gonna bring us… We don't need the NFL; our hotels are already filled up."

Many supporters of the Jay-Z/NFL deal were hopeful that Jay-Z would use his new position with the NFL to put forward some of the civil rights issues that many of his fans and supporters believed he cared about, or at the very least, use his new role with the NFL to better the position of black athletes and entertainers.

This may not be the start that many of his supporters had in mind...

Uncle Luke, otherwise known as Luther Campbell, now 59 is a rapper, music promoter and record executive. He is best known for being the leader of the legendary rap group 2 Live Crew and is no stranger to controversy and to battling with prominent figures in the political arena.

In his role as a rapper and record executive, he has battled with various politicians, including former Florida governor, Bob Martinez, over the obscenity and explicitness of his lyrics. He through 2 Live Crew was also the petitioner in the seminole Supreme Court copyright case, Campbell v. Acuff-Rose Music, Inc. which paved the way for musicians  to be more creative and use "samples" of other people's music in their songs.

Is Uncle Luke is clearly a boss but is he right about Jay-Z's recent decision? Are J.Lo and Shakira 'disrespectful' choices?