Unarmed Black Man SHOT By Police . . . Then Police Dog ATE HIS DEAD BODY!!! (Graphic)

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MTO News obtained possibly the most DISTURBING police shooting video ever. Vineland, NJ police officers confronted an unarmed mentally disturbed Black man - and they KILLED him, and then allowed their dog to FEAST on his corpse.

Police were called yesterday, on reports that a mentally ill man was behaving bizarrely. When they arrived, they saw the man - clearly having a psychotic episode, and the police immediately drew their guns - and tried to talk to the man - who was incoherent.

Then at one point in the video, police must have HAD ENOUGH. The officers shoot the man DEAD. And after the mentally ill man is killed - police allow the dog to EAT HIS CORPSE.

An encounter between the officers and the man lasted for several minutes. At some point the officers shot and killed 37-year-old Rashaun Washington, of Bridgeton, New Jersey. Investigators have not yet revealed whether he was armed or what led to the shooting, only saying that an officer "discharged their weapon" and had been placed on administrative leave. Officials made the announcement Monday as they continue to investigate the shooting.

Witnesses said the confrontation lasted for more than 10 minutes and Washington appeared to have a water bottle in his hand. One witness said Washington told police he wasn’t going to give himself up.

You can hear the woman in the video explain that the dog was eating the deceased man's face. The dog continued to chew on the man for MINUTES after his death.