Jordyn Woods is one of the most beautiful and popular young models on Instagram. But what does she look like in real life?

Typically, we see pics of Jordyn that are heavily photoshopped - to make her look slimmer than she is in real life.

Yesterday her friend Lori Harvey accidentally leaked a few unfiltered shots. And Jordyn's shape looks MUCH MUCH different.

Here's what she looks like on her IG page:

And here are the pics that Lori Harvey posted:


Jordyn Woods nickname “Heir Jordyn” is a beautiful 20 year old plus sized model (curvy girl) whose claim to fame was that she was Kylie Jenner’s best friend. Now Jordyn has a new best friend - Steve Harvey's daughter, Lori Harvey and is basking in her own limelight.

Jordyn's parents are Elizabeth Woods and John Woods who passed away in January 2017.

Her mom, a 47 yrs old entrepreneur and former photographer, is also her manager and  publicist for the Woods Family (the Woods Management Group).