UK rapper Wiley has ramped up his attack on Canadian artist Drake, calling him a "pagan" during a recent interview.

Wiley sat down for an interview on the 1Xtra Breakfast Show With Dotty, where he wasted no time ripping into Drake as well as Ed Sheeran.

 "Artists, stay away from culture vultures. Stay away from pagans and stay away from people who wait until you're blown to come and stand next to you and collect money. They just turned up when everything was easy," he told host Amplify Dot.

He continued: "Drake is a pagan," he said during the telephone interview. "Listen to this, I tried to apologize to this brother, you know, because I felt bad, but you know what? I ain't taking back, no apology. He is the worst, I swear to God."

Wiley is not the first to accuse Drake of jumping on the bandwaggon when they get hot, and Grime veteran MC Wiley is not biting his tongue on the issue.

"Can't you see what people do out here?" he said. "The truth is he's just a pagan. He knows it. And if I say it, he can't say nothing to me because it's the truth...He's not embracing the scene, he's doing it for himself."

He also explained his gripes with Sheeran:

"I'm mad at Ed Sheeran because he said 'You need me man, I don't need you'," Wiley told Dotty. "But Ed, the other day mate, you had to use grime to tip your song over the edge."

He added, "Listen, we helped that guy get into the picture. I done something for him - 'You'. It's on his album, isn't it? So when I went to do my one I was told, 'You can't do this, Ed can't do the video. You can't use Ed', basically."