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Tariq Nasheed, filmmaker, media personality, and community activist has revealed that he has been BANNED by the UK government from entering the country.

Nasheed announced the news via his Instagram page:

"Whassup family, I am #LAX and I just found out the UK government has banned me from coming to the UK to show #HiddenColors5 . They just sent an email denying me to even enter the UK," he wrote.

"I called the UK government to find out the particular reason, and the official on the phone told me the memo said :" Tariq Nasheed is not conducive to the good of the public" of the UK. I'm still trying to find out more info about this ban, and how extensive it is.#wow #HC5" he concluded the post.

In the video posted to his social media page, Nasheed explains that the UK government had issued LAX a letter denying him entry into the country. He was attempting to travel to the country to premiere his Hidden Colors 5 movie this Sunday.

Nasheed, the director of the film, was also slated to present a lecture about Organising Against Global Anti-Black Racism and Global Black Empowerment.