UH OH . . . The Insurance Company Is Looking Into TRACY Morgan's WAL-MART SETTLEMENT . . . Judge Orders Tracy To Turn Over All Medical Records And Financial Records!!


Here is a report from The Dirty:

On January 19, the judge in the case ordered the comedian to comply with the insurance company’s subpoena and turn over the requested documents. The order stated Morgan and his lawyer had 20 days to produce all information

Then recently, the lawyers representing the insurance company fired off a letter to the judge explaining a “very significant and troubling development” since the last hearing.

They explain Wal-Mart was ordered to serve the court order to Morgan’s lawyer which stated they had to turn over the documents. However, the retail giant is accused of never serving the comedian’s team with the order … and as a result no documents have been turned over or produced by Morgan by the February 10 deadline.

The comedian’s lawyer informed the insurance company that he will be filing an appeal of the judge’s decision that forces him to hand over his medical, financial and settlement docs ... including information about his ability to drive his Lamborghini shortly after the settlement.